GROWING ASGARD PUPS GROWING ASGARD PUPS Argo of Asgard Shower guardian? 189963279 Valkyrie of Asgard This little girl has developed into a formidable guardian 189963280 Guardian of the Guardians Our whole crew lives together under one roof and socializes with all the pups 189963281 Valkyrie of Asgard Ever watchful... 189963282 Argo of Asgard My posterchild! 189963283 Hammer of Asgard Our pups are well loved by all members of the family 189963284 Model Citizens I believe that giving our pups a solid foundation and early socialization, they develop into well behaved youngsters and adults. I want my dogs to be able to be in public settings without acting inappropriately. However, should the situation arise ? they are ready to take charge! 189963285 Training! Asgard's Mjollner (BEAR) graduating Obedience Level 2! 189963286 Kvasir of Asgard This puppy is a serious family guardian - and a perfect gentleman in public 189963287 Agile & Athletic Don't let our calm behavior fool you - our pups are always ready to take charge! 189963288 Keeping up with the Best Valkyrie and her sister Haly 189963289 189963290 White on White 189963291 Socializing Always ready for a photo shoot 189963292 Family Time We believe in strong family bonds 189963293 Happy Pups 189963294 Our Ambassadors! Our pups always draw a crowd wherever they go 189963295 Such Pride... 189963296 Handsome! 189963297 189963298 189963299