Asgard Caucasians

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Welcome to Asgard Caucasians! 

Asgard Caucasians is a champion breeder and exhibitor of rare Russian livestock guardians, the Caucasian Ovcharka.  Specializing in preserving the Aboriginal Volkodav as home protectors - as well as public ambassadors for the breed.

We offer only select breedings from Russian Kennel Federation/FCI registered and UKC registered Grand Champions/CGC/ATTS dogs.  Our foundation stock has been imported from Russia's finest kennels and breedings are based on genetics.  We strive for solid temperaments, strong thresholds, excellent conformation and reliable guarding skills. 

We only have one litter per year and do not sell to just anyone.  Applications must be completed, reviewed and approved before any puppy goes to their new home.  If you do not have reliable and appropriate fencing, your application will not be approved.

Our pups are raised under foot and live in our home, participate in many activities, and have earned many titles and achievements.  We are very proud of our crew and raise our puppies with foundation training - making for easy transition to new homes and creating a model addition to your family.


This is not the breed for everyone and many applications will not be approved.  If you are serious about owning this breed and will agree to all conditions of ownership, then we greatly look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Asgard family!

History of the Whites


Asgard Caucasians would not exist without the support and mentoring of Esquire Caucasians